Benefits Of Choosing Automatic Doors For Business Premises

  • Frank Brown
  • 06/08/2017
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    There will always be an entrance to any business premises, and an exit too. Sometimes, one opening can serve as both. As a business owner, you need to give your customers a good first impression of your business place, offer them great convenience and ensure their safety as they get in and out of your building. Automatic doors come in handy in offering all those. However, you need to get the services of an expert such as the Automatic Door Company to advise you, install the automatic doors and maintain them. This article highlights some top benefits of choosing automatic doors for business places as opposed to the manual ones.

    Benefits of an automatic door for business

    Increased safety

    rrereetretertetertAutomatic doors are safer especially for customers pushing trolleys, and persons carrying items as they do not have to worry on how to open the doors.They may also injure themselves in the process. The doors also significantly reduce congestion at the doorway so in the case of an emergency the occurrence of a stampede is unlikely.

    Great customer service

    Customers enjoy great convenience while entering and leaving premises with automatic doors and feel valued. They will be happy and are more likely to patronize the premises frequently. The business is boosted hence posting good sales and profits. Customers also expect some service areas such as the airport, high-end hotels, and offices to have automatic doors, and anything contrary to that will be against their expectations. Automatic doors are also friendly to the disabled giving all customers a feeling of being cared for.

    Improves the business image

    The first impression you customers will get of your business premises is very crucial. Automatic doors give buildings a classic lavish look. This greatly attracts serious customers to your business translating to prospects of massive sales. The image that your business gets from automatic doors could also differentiate it offering you some edge against your competitors.Also, the doors come in different designs, and material hence can allow for advertising especially on the glass surfaces thus sell your business more.

    Saving on lost labor hours and energy consumption

    fdgdgdgdgdfgdfgdfgTime and motion studies related to staff in premises with manual doors has shown that a lot of useful manpower hours are lost in opening and closing doors. Automatic doors do away with the need to have some people do such tasks. They also ensure the building does not need to have doors wide open throughout to allow free access, which may increase energy consumption during extreme weather like winter. There are also low energy swing doors that cut on energy consumed to operate them.

    Minimal maintenance costs

    Automatic doors are designed, installed and maintained by experts or professionals in that field. They ensure all is properly done and maintenance checks are reasonably scheduled and adhered to. All these reduce maintenance costs. Some also have automatic self-diagnostic systems that promptly indicates what the problem could be hence are attended to in good time reducing the lost hours for doing business. Automatic doors are so reliable and can be used for long with very few problems or none at all.