Factors to consider when renting a photo booth

  • Katie Jackson
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  • 10/14/2017
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    With advancement in technology, the need for more efficient and private photo booth has become increasingly popular worldwide. With this in mind, certain factors should put into consideration to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. These factors differ according to preference and the likes of the one renting the booth, but it is important to ensure that the booth you rent suits the type of your event as well as meets your specifications. For the best deal on photo booths contact NYC Photo Booth Rental. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when renting a photo booth.


    Photo quality

    ggghhghghgghNot all photo booth companies produce high-quality photos that are stylish and classy. Some companies use low-quality cameras hence producing blurred photos that will not go well with the guests. Therefore, ensure that you rent a photo booth that provides amazing candid shots.

    Customization and personalization

    The guests will need to have different animation and backgrounds in their photos. Thus, it is best to hire a photo booth company that can customize the photos to meet everyone’s needs. There is a broad range of customization from custom printed backdrops, customized designs and layouts, customized event design banners and any more. Be sure to confirm with the company if they allow these customizations.

    Certification and insurance

    Before hiring a photo booth company, you should ask for their certifications and check if they are fully registered with the relevant institution. The company should also be insured so that in the case of any accident at the event, you will not incur any cost.

    Certification and insurance are also an indication that you are dealing with a reliable company.

    Company experience

    It is best to hire a photo booth company that has been in business for a long time than a newly incorporated company. This is because an experienced company is more likely to produce quality photos and offer better services.


    hgghhgggghEverything always comes down to the price and renting a photo booth is no exception. Though the cost is not the primary determining factor when renting a photo booth, it is advisable also to consider the renting cost to evaluate if it is within your budget.

    Go through all the prices against the services being offered and pick the package that offers photo booth services that meet your needs and yet is affordable.

    If you follow the aforementioned factors when renting a photo booth, you can be sure to rent one that will color your event.