How to choose a collar for your cat

  • Katie Jackson
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  • 10/14/2017
  • Cats are playful, and they tend to wander and disappear whenever you let them play in the yard. This will cause you, the pet owner, problems locating it without a clue of its whereabouts. However, this can be curbed by putting the collar on the cat to ensure that the cat can easily be traced and identified. At first, the cat may seem uncomfortable wearing the collar, but with time and patience, the collar will be seamless to the cat. ID tags like a breakaway cat collar can be described as forms of insurance because you never know if you will need it, but also you can’t risk not having it. It is a form of security that could ultimately save the life your precious little pet.

    In this regard, you ought to be mindful of the kind of pet that you invest in. It is advisable to get one that plays its function and one that is also comfortable for the cat. Thereby you need to consider factors like style, Safety, function, and form. As much as it is good to go for the cute collars, it is also wise to settle for one that is sustainable and comfortable for your cat. The following factors can be considered when choosing the collar;

    Strive for safety

    There are different collars that are available in your local stores and online shops. Upon review, you will notice that these pet collars are designed for different cats and therefore you ought to choose one that is appropriate for your particular cat. Safety is thereby an important consideration that determines an appropriate type. Breakaway cat collars have been lauded as the safest type for different cats around the world. These collars are designed to unfasten when there is any form of pressure automatically. Also, you can use the collars that have attachments like bells which will alert passersby in case the cat is in trouble.

    Inspect the collar

    You ought to carefully examine the collar entirely before making the ultimate purchase. You should thereby look out for sharp edges that could harm the cat upon pressure. You should also study the quality of the fastener and ensure that it can release upon moderate pressure. Big cats require fasteners that can release quickly unlike smaller ones that need those that are slightly tighter.

    Elastic collars are not the best

    Elastic collars can cause great harm and injury to the cat. When such collars are stretched under pressure, they can strike and wound your pet.…