Cookers for cooking in the wild

  • Frank Brown
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  • 11/23/2017
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    If you are going camping, then you will need to eat. Food is crucial for survival. Food is crucial for life and for your existence and your well being. Rather than rummaging in the wild for raw food that might potentially be poisonous, you should whip up a nice cooked meal for the whole crew to enjoy. A nice hearty meal is not possible to achieve without heat. Even though the humble campfire can be used, and probably is vital for tradition, it isn’t as versatile, nor is it practical, to be used for cooking a wide variety of meals as other devices you can bring. Here are some cookers you should consider bringing with you into the wilderness.

    Gas stove

    lks402A small gas stove is a handy cooker to bring along your camping trip. Gas is probably the most common fuel for camp cooking. It is clean and also relatively safe when you know how to use it properly. If you are a lightweight camper, then a single-burner stove is the way to go. It’s good for one-pan meals and cooking quick and simple food or to boil a kettle of water for coffee or tea. If you are catering for your family, then you can go with the double-burners. The more the merrier, as they say. Using this will be more flexible and convenient if you are cooking a significant portion of food for the family.

    Portable grill

    Grills come with different options regarding their source of heat or power. Charcoal or gas will always be the debate. Everything will come down to your preference and what is allowed and offered at the campsite. The best grill is the one that fits your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle. Charcoal grills make the best flavor out of the food you put on it. It creates a charred taste that just adds to the experience. Gas grills are the most common grills sold around. The downside is it requires a good amount of space, but the upside is it is convenient, versatile and offers a lot of features.

    Solar Cooker

    a23kuWhen the additional fuel is taking up too much space and weighing you down, you should look out for solar cookers. These cookers can help you prepare your meal with the power of the almighty sun. Check out the Best Solar Cooker – 8 Amazing Ways To Cook Using The Sun for more information. With this type of cooking device, you will be creating a delicious feast without creating any harm to the earth’s resources.…