A guide on going Instafamous

  • Katie Jackson
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  • 10/28/2017
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    Instagram is not a place just for social media, nowadays Instagram is used for business, marketing, and advertising tools. With big corporations endorsing a lot of celebrities for the attention and also creating their brand image, a lot of people are trying to become “Instafamous,” Whether you’re a teenager or an adult working to go Instafamous, try reading our guide on getting those authentic followers and likes.

    Decide on the theme

    Before focusing on getting your popularity, you need to know what kind of niche will your Instagram feed has. If you like food, you can go for a food blogger theme, if you love makeup, you can opt as a beauty guru or a makeup artist, the option is endless. Whatever your purpose of getting “instafamous,” you have to make sure that you know what theme to choose, and also passionate about it.

    Tip: if you’re into fashion, consider looking at LuLaroe pictures for fashion inspiration that might go to your next post.

    Post frequently

    Most of the time, people follow celebrities or “celebgrams” (Another word for celebrity Instagram) that like to post regularly. Consider setting up a schedule, maybe a post every two days just to keep your follower entertained. Take pictures of anything that might fit your Instagram’s niche.

    Post at the right time

    jklashdjklashdIf you want to attract specific target of the viewer, you need to know when to post, and when are people active at that time. For example, if you live in America and you want to attract people in Indonesia, there’s a lot of time difference right there. You might want to post in the middle of the night, which could be in the morning or noon in Indonesia.

    Tip: as an example, if you want to attract teenagers, make sure you post during summer or winter holiday. And on regular days, make sure you post during the afternoon because in the morning those teens are probably in the school during the morning.

    Post quality content

    We did write that you should post frequently, but make sure you post quality content as well. If you post more quantity than quality, your followers will leave one by one.

    Tip: follow the trends, if your Instagram is about traveling, make sure you travel to the latest tourist spots to attract more attention.


    Try to find out when did your Instagram got the most views, likes and following. By doing analytics, you’ll know what kind of post does your audience likes and when is the most active to post.…