Services Offered By A Meat Processing Company

  • Katie Jackson
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  • 09/12/2017
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    Meat processing companies add value to meat by processing and packaging it into differentiated consumable products. As a result, the meat processing industry has advanced considerably to meet the meat demand of the market by automating the basic processes. Miami Beef Company is one of the best meat processing plant. Therefore, services offered by meat processing companies include;



    This step involves pre-slaughter handling of select livestock, stunning and slaughtering the animals. Meat processing services use humane treatment according to t the Humane Slaughter Act which ensures that the animals do not suffer when stunned before suspending them using the machines to bleed before skin removal before head removal, splitting and evisceration and later cooling to extract various meat products during meat processing.

    Meat processing

    Meat processing involves adding value to the meat such that the meat leaves the butcher and reaches the consumer in proper quality. Meat processing involves grading from large cuts to small cuts to minced meat under different techniques and procedures such that the value of the products is increased. This way they become easy to package and transport to the ready market.

    Meat packaging

    Meat packaging is regulated by under various health regulations, quality service charters and must be licensed for sale in various areas of jurisdiction. Moreover, the packaging materials and weights must conform to industry requirements. Meat packaging uses complex machines for vacuum packaging which eliminates oxygen from the package enhancing longer shelf life as well as color preservation. Moreover, while packaging it is possible to grade between large and small cuts that meet the market demand and that meet the demands of the affordability levels of consumers. Canning and freezing further improves the quality and taste of the meat.

    Sales and distribution

    Meat processing firms have very expansive supply chain systems and networks. This ensures that the brand products are well marketed and consumed across various industries. In particular, these firms place great emphasis this function as it is the point through which most of its efforts are translated into revenue. Meat processing companies have invested into special logistics infrastructure such as freezers within truck that ensure that meat products remain fresh as they are transported to the market. These special trucks assist in preserving the products and for quick delivery of the products to the market.

    Other services


    The greater part of meat processing companies concentrates on meat products for human use. However, by-products such as hides, feathers, dry blood, fat, meat, and bones are also part of the business and are sold to other market players. ¬†Also, some meat processing companies practice backward integration strategies thereby they are involved in the rearing of poultry, pigs, cows, sheep, and goats such that they are the main suppliers to their abattoirs.…