Elements of a great product packaging

  • Katie Jackson
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  • 06/12/2017
  • Packaging embodies a very critical aspect of the brand of a particular product. In principal, packaging represents the brand of a product, and the success of the product depends on how the brand is portrayed to the market or consumer. As they say, image is everything, and therefore it is imperative that companies endeavor to illuminate their best image in a manner that is consumer-friendly. In this regard, the marketing and advertisement aspects of businesses have made packaging a lucrative industry as companies seek to increase their consumer base.

    Packaging plays a fundamental role in branding and marketing. Essentially packaging is meant to secure the product against adversities of transportation from the production level to the consumer level which is the retail stores. Also, packaging of feed screw types is instrumental in identification by the intermediaries and consumers. A good packaging system is meant to guarantee the freshness of a product as intended during manufacturing. For example in food packaging, it is prudent to ensure that the packaging is able to inhibit the defects that may result in foodborne illness.

    From the foregoing illustration, it can be discerned that packaging is not only vital for marketing but also product preservation. It is thus prescribed that you are mindful of the following elements of product packaging;

    Form and design

    As aforementioned, the packaging of a product is the most notable attribute of the brand. Therefore if your product is endearing and eye-catching, then it is probable that it will fly off the shelves. Most so, the importance of the form and design is illuminated during window shopping. If your design wins the visual battle, then it is feasible that you will have the upper hand against your competitors. The coloring should be characterized by vivid colors that easily convey the components of the product.

    Brand identity

    The product packaging should sufficiently represent vital aspects of your brand. A bold brand that is easily recognizable will increase awareness in the market and enhance sales. The logo should be distinctly positioned in the packaging such that the consumer does not take alot of time to identify the product. Logo development is seen as an integral component of branding and marketing.

    Quality control

    It is important to ensure that the packaging of your product is of supreme quality. Quality covers a wide array of factors including legibility of product information, preservation of the product, protection from spillage and sustainability. Emphasis on quality will undoubtedly appeal to the target market and thereby increasing consumer awareness.…